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QVM-W3 Introduction

(QuoVadis Mobile for Windows 10)

QuoVadis Mobile is your all-inclusive-App when it comes to navigation, GPS and maps.

On-and-off-road, by foot, by bike or by car, you can take it everywhere you go and it is easy to handle.

Tracking allows live-broadcasting and presentation of current locations.


  • Search quickly for addresses and then be guided turn-by-turn with clearly spoken instructions
  • On the fastest or shortest route, by car or by foot
  • Worldwide
  • Internet connection required


  • Direction and distance to the target or along a route
  • The covered distance is displayed on the map and stored
  • Navigation along a track


  • Share your location with others, follow locations of others on your map
  • Just perfect in a group, when you want to know where other group members are
  • Display of SPOT-Messages
  • Internet connection required
  • Send E-Mails with your current location


  • Online-Maps, e.g. OSM, GoogleSat, BingTraffic, OpenWeather etc., expandable
  • Export any maps from QuoVadis 7.1

Data Administration

  • Administration in databases
  • Clear presentation even of large data volumes
  • Efficient Search-Function, Favorites
  • Find tracks online at EasyRoutes1), GPSies und OSM-POIs
  • Exchange data easily between all Apps of the QV/QVM-Family
  • Per E-Mail, Cloud
  • OneDirve and DropBox Support

And much more

  • Create new routes on the way, record tracks and save new WP’s
  • Info field for additional descriptions and web links
  • Import and Export of data by GPX format
  • Coordinates in Wgs84 Lat-Lon or UTM
  • Weather forecast for the current location and any point on the map
  • Compass rose2)
  • Times on the sun and the moon, twilight

QuoVadis Mobile W3 runs on all Windows Phones and PC with Windows 10.

For this purpose an account at “Motorrad- or Tourenfahrer” is necessary
if supportet by phone
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