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GPS, Tracklog und Accessory Features

You can access these pages via start page.
You can switch between the tab pages by clicking on the respective tab or by swiping.


Under the tab GPS you see the actual GPS status, speed, course etc.
Your shared location can also be updated. For such purpose click on the button Send now, see share location with others.

Please also note the settings on the start page on the subject GPS and Powersave.


Under the tab Tracklog you can switch on the Tracklog. This means in the data base GpsOnlineLogs, a track is saved under the current date.
A click on Delete deletes the current Tracklog after confirmation. A new Tracklog starts.
With a click on Save you can save the current Tracklog in the active data base.


qvmw_gps_wetter.jpg At the tab Weather you find the current weather forecasts from OpenWeatherMap for the GPS position displayed on the top or the cursor position in the map window. With the button Update weather, the weather data will be updated.


qvmw_gps_astro.jpg At the tab Astro you can see the current rising and setting time of the sun and the moon in your location or in the cursor position in the map window.


In the Compass tab you can select a compass1), Which can also be visible in the map window.
if your smartphone supports it!
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