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 +<ifauth @user>​FIXME
 +\\ Inhalt: Ludger
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 +====== GPS, Tracklog und Accessory Features ======
 +You can access these pages via [[31_installation#​Die Startseite|start page]].\\
 +You can switch between the tab pages by clicking on the respective tab or by swiping.
 +===== GPS =====
 +| {{:​en:​20_overview:​qvmw_gps_gps.jpg?​200|}} | Under the tab **GPS** you see the actual GPS status, speed, course etc. \\ Your shared location can also be updated. For such purpose click on the button <​key>​Send now</​key>,​ see [[80_teilen|share location with others]]. |
 +<WRAP qvhint 75% round>\\
 +Please also note the [[90_einstellungen|settings]] on the start page on the subject GPS and Powersave.</​WRAP>​
 +===== Tracklog =====
 +| {{:​en:​20_overview:​qvmw_gps_tracklog.png?​200}} | Under the tab **Tracklog** you can switch on the Tracklog. This means in the [[de:​20_overview:​45_datenbanken|data base]] GpsOnlineLogs,​ a track is saved under the current date. \\ A click on <​key>​delete</​key>​ deletes the current Tracklog after confirmation. A new Tracklog starts. \\ With a click on <​key>​save</​key>​ you can save the current Tracklog in the active [[de:​20_overview:​45_datenbanken|data base]].|
 +===== Weather =====
 +| {{:​en:​20_overview:​qvmw_gps_wetter.jpg?​200}} | At the tab **Weather** you find the current weather forecasts from [[http://​|OpenWeatherMap]] for the GPS position displayed on the top or the cursor position in the map window. With the button <​key>​update weather</​key>,​ the weather data will be updated. |
 +===== Astro =====
 +| {{:​en:​20_overview:​qvmw_gps_astro.jpg?​200}} | At the tab **Astro** you can see the current rising and setting time of the sun and the moon in your location or in the cursor position in the map window. |
 +===== Compass =====
 +| {{:​en:​20_overview:​qvmw_gps_kompass_1_.png?​200}} | In the **Compass** tab you can select a compass((if your smartphone supports it!)), Which can also be visible in the map window. ​ |
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