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Import of own maps into QVM-W3

Import maps from QuoVadis7 into QVM-W3

For importing map segments the current version of the programmes is required. Besides the online maps integrated in QVM-W3I, map segments which were exported from [QVC] in QVM Mobile format (Kartenname.qmz), can also be imported into QVM-W3.
Be sure that with exports from [QVC] you selected the same QMZ-Map key from QVM in the licence card. You can find the key on the start page of QVM-W3 with clicking on under settings.

Import maps via a Cloud

For importing maps via a Cloud, the software (e.g. DropBox) is required and has to be installed on your PC/Mac, as well as on your mobile device. Furthermore, the same user account for the Cloud-Services has to be used on both devices. Moreover, it should be noted that the file size of QMZ maps can be relatively large and for importing on a Smartphone a Ftp-Programm serves best.

We are here describing the import of a QMZ map with a small file size.

  • Copy the map segment you would like to import and load it up into your Cloud.
  • Now start the corresponing Cloud-App on your mobile device and select the map segment. It will be loaded without preview.
  • With a click on a dialog opens and you select Open in….
  • One more dialog opens. Here you select Open in QuoVadis Mobile.
  • QVM is started and you click on Start Import
Select the QMZ map QMZ is loaded Select Open in…
Select open in QVM Click Start Import QMZ map is imported

For using the map you have to stop QVM at first and then restart! It does not occur a refresh automatically in the import data base.

Import maps via Ftp:

The following method is recommended for QMZ maps, since an import via a Cloud-App is not advisable because of the file size. For this purpose an own Ftp programme is installed in QVM-W3.

  • Select the DB and the table you would like to import.
  • Click on Im+/Export.
  • Now select FTP and start the Ftp-Server.
  • Start the Ftp programme on your PC/Mac. (e.g. FileZilla)
Select import DB and Table Start Ftp-Server
  • Enter the IP of Smartphone and as Port: 1234 in the mask. Also click on use unencrypted FTP.
  • Click on Connect and the folders DBs, GPX and Maps are listed.
  • Transfer the QMZ map into the folder Maps.
QMZ map in the table Info about the imported QMZ QMZ map is opened
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