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Share Location with Others (Live)

With QVM you can share your location with other QVM users 1) and [QVC] users 2) automatically and at intervals.

To share information an internet connection is required, this may result in higher costs.

On the live page you can configure the automatic sending or receiving of locations. You get to the live page via the start page.


For sharing your location with others you need a key (consisting of at least 5 letters and 5 numbers). The key identifies the shared location(s), i.e. everybody who knows the key, can see your location(s), which are approved by this key. You can also select a name, which identifies you and which is visible in the map. (It can be your name + possibly the device version.)

There are:

• Single keys:
Every person uses her/his own key. This key can be shared with any number of individuals.
Your can also associate your location with multiple keys and give it to different groups of people.

• Group keys:
It is also possible, that several people use the same key. This key is utilized on both, the page share and the page received. Thus, all group members can see each other and not every single member has to define and share his own key.


I would like to share my key:

On the page share I enter the following:

■ Switch on Share position regularly
■ The desired time interval in minutes
■ Define a name, which is displayed with my location
■ Define a key (may be freely selected)
■ Click on Send now.

I share this key (via e-mail, sms, phone, …) with people who may follow my location.

I would like to share my location with different groups of people

Define a key as stated above but this time for every group a different one. The single keys have to be separated by commas.
I share every key to the relevant group (via e-mail, sms, phone, …).
In this way it is possible to use different keys for different groups of people (e.g. one key for the family and one key for a club). Would you like to share your location only with your family anymore, delete the key for the club and click on update now. If the club may see your location again, insert the key again on the page share and click on Send now.

Shared with QVM_Azure

Somebody shared a key with me for location tracking:

■ I enter the received key on the page received and click on Add person.
■ If a location exists under this key, at least one new entry appears below, which begins with (New) and the name under which the location is shared.
You save this entry in the data base received positions with a click on the eye. If the entry is not saved, it is not possible to follow the location!

I received several keys for location tracking:
For each received key do the same procedure as explained above. However, only one key may be entered at a time, i.e. the next key overwrites the previous key.

Shared with SPOT

Locations of SPOT devices from SPOT server

You or a person of your circle of friends has a SPOT-Tracker and shared his ID with you. You enter this key on the page received under key. Before, please switch on the Spot server! Afterwards click on add and the Spot position is entered.
Put a check to display and to follow the Spot position on the map. You can also see the details.

Shared with InReach

Positions of InReach devices from the InReach server

You or a person from your circle of acquaintances owns a Garmin or Delorme InReach device and has given you its MapShare ID. These are entered under Key on Shared Page. Please change the server to InReach! Then click Add to bring the device to the server. Finally, put the checkmark in the Visible field to save it permanently.

Note: A MapShare ID consists of a name and an optional password. Enter both in comma separated in the field key: Password, Name. If no password has been assigned, the input is Name (that is, a comma).

For the Garmin InReach devices here is a very interesting article3):


I would like to send my position via e-mail:

To send your location as an e-mail attachment click on Send for accessing the entry mask for the e-mail adress and status report if necessary.
After a click on Send e+Mail your mail app opens and the data for the location are inserted into the e-mail text and they are ready to send.

Display of Locations

The shared locations are displayed in the map automatically, as soon as they are saved in the data base shared locations. They appear as a red arrow with the name, defined by the person who shared it and the time, at which the person shared it. The location is updated in the same interval as you set in share.

With a click on the location you can change the style (color, symbol, size) via info of the marking.

If you would not like to see a location anymore, you have three options:

  • You can hide it temporary via project manager (and display it again later).
  • You can remove it from the map with a click on the received location via Hide. You also have this option in the project manager. If you would like to see the location again, you can put a check at the relevant waypoint in the data base received positions.
  • You can delete it permanently in the data base received positions. To see this location you have to register the relevant key in the page received again.

Remove Persons

To remove a person from the list of received locations, mark it and click on . Now click on to delete the person.

Legend of the Live Tools

Settings for sending the own location
Settings for retrieving the received locations
currently only with iOS and Android
from the version 7.1 Power User
only in german
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